Are you one of those who arrive at the end of the month asking you where most of the budget has gone, and no matter how much you think, you do not get to know it? Do not worry, it happens to a lot of people. This happens mostly to those who use the card to pay everywhere.

It usually happens that we are making our lives, without thinking too much about the small expenses of the day to day, the receipts are going by and we are buying things and we do not realize the immense expense that we have done until the time comes to do accounts in order of a month.

That’s why, since a few years ago, there are Apps to control our expenses. A great help for all those who have a hard time remembering what they have bought and when.

The best Apps to control expenses

Apps to save Find out which is the hole where you escape the euros is the task of these Apps of control of expenses. We assure you that they do it very well since they will help you to reduce the expenses that you do not need, making you have more money for what is necessary. Then you can discover all the secrets of the best expense control applications.

Perhaps the best known and most used, since it is even advertised on television.
Fintonic will help you to control your expenses, to know how much you enter and in what and how much you spend your money. You will not miss anything since the interface is super intuitive so you do not miss out on detail.

When installing the App, you will only have to enter your bank accounts, being able to choose between many entities and configure what information you want to show and notify you.

In addition, one of the advantages that this App of control of expenses offers you is that it informs you of if there is a duplicated charge, discoveries or commissions. In addition, you will group your expenses into categories, so you can know at all times what you spend more.

It also works as a financial optimizer, because after analyzing your FinScore (which is neither more nor less than the note that you have as a good customer facing financial institutions) will recommend ways to improve it in order to have better conditions at the time of contract a financial product.

Arbor is a mix of application to control your expenses and application to save. Why do we say this? Because apart from showing you all the movements of your accounts, Arbor allows you to set saving rules. You only have to register and add both an account of origin (in this case, the one that you receive the payroll or other income) and a destination account, where you want to be transferred what you save. These savings rules are:

  1. Rounding: this option rounds your purchases that you make to the next euro. For example, when you spend € 2.30 on a breakfast, these € 0.70 are sent to the savings account. If it’s € 3, Arbor will transfer € 1 to your other account.
  2. Temporary Challenge: you must choose the number of weeks you want for the challenge (12, 24 or 52), after this, Arbor will transfer 1 euro the first week, 2 euros the second, 3 euros the third … If you choose the 52-week challenge, you will save € 1378 after one year.
  3. Periodic transfer: choose the amount you want to be transferred to your savings account, both monthly and weekly. For example, you can choose to be transferred 100 euros every Tuesday.

Undoubtedly this is one of the most interesting expense control applications since it allows you to use saving methods that will increase the amount of money in your account without realizing it.


App of control of expenses very similar to the others, but that includes functionalities as interesting as the location of the establishments where you have paid, whether products or services. Never again will you forget where you have spent your money.

With its intuitive interface, you can have at your fingertips all the movements made with your accounts, in detail.


Not everyone likes to link their bank account to an App. It is totally understandable, and that is why there are alternatives such as Monefy, an expense control App that instead of automatically updating with your bank account, you will have to do it yourself manually, adding those expenses and income you have. After this, the application will show you as much data as the other alternatives in which you do have to link your bank accounts.


An expense control application that has been with us for several years. Used by millions of users, Mint is a reference when it comes to making inquiries about your movements and knowing why you are not saving or why you are saving less than stipulated.

In addition, Mint automatically catalogs your expenses and shows them in very intuitive graphics so you do not miss any kind of detail about your economy.

Another advantage offered is the reminder of payments, so they do not catch you off guard and you stay with an overdraft in the account.

As you can see, there are many options that will allow you to know exactly what you spend the money, perfect options to know that you should NOT spend that money if what you want is to save a considerable amount each month. Still, tell you that there are other alternatives like car loans- Visit

Go ahead and control your expenses and you will be surprised!