Image result for online loanLoan with indefinite payroll. Are you looking for a loan with a permanent contract ? Are you a salaried employee ? Do you need a loan ? With Globalfin you can get all the liquidity you need and make your dreams come true! Just fill in the form and one of our consultants will be at your disposal to provide you with all the details of the best personal loans with paychecks . If you consider it advantageous , even for the investigation of the loan practice up to ‘ disbursement .


Permanent payroll loans

For those interested in obtaining permanent payroll funding, the solutions are:

  • personal loan with payroll
  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

The first loan includes some requirements, including:

  • be registered , or have already made other funding
  • do not be excessively indebted
  • not having made recent requests in the last 30 days
  • to have obtained the last loan at least 12 months ago
  • not be the guarantor of other badly paid loans

For all other solutions on the list, the possibility of obtaining credit is much simpler. Are you interested in more information? Contact us now, free consultation.

Partially indeterminate payroll funding

Is a loan with an indefinite part-time contract possible?

Rosa contacted us and wrote us: “I have a part time for an indefinite term contract and are interested in funding. I asked Agos for a loan of 25,000 euros , but I was not accepted. To date, I have an active revolving card of agos , a car loan made with findomestic . I would like to make a debt consolidation , but I turn out bad paying. Do you think there is the possibility of having a loan for part-time contracts ? I could do everything even with only 20000 euros, thanks “.

We set an appointment with our agent in Rome , the city where Rosa lives and after an initial consultation we understood why he encountered difficulties in obtaining new liquidity , namely the debt consolidation financing he was looking for.

In addition to being registered with Crif for late payment, Rosa receives a part-time payroll income. The net monthly income amounts to € 834 and therefore, taking into account current commitments, it is not possible to demand such a high sum.

At this point we opted, in agreement with Rosa, with a loan with a permanent contract for the partial consolidation of the debt, going to extinguish the two revolving cards that weighed them on a monthly basis.

Rosa has a permanent contract with a horizontal part-time paycheck, that is, she works (by contract) every month of the year, but less than 8 hours a day.

In other cases, the part-time payroll is linked to a ” verticalemployment relationship, so the employee has a contract that expects to work not every month of the year (for example, those who work in schools can be hired with a employment contract from September to June).

With a part time contract, obtaining a loan is not easy, except through a guarantor .

Protested loans with paychecks

If protested it is possible to make a loan , obviously in the presence of a permanent contract, then with a pay check.

In these cases the solutions are:

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

Contact us for more details!

Minimum paycheck for financing

The request for a loan is tied to income received in a payroll; we can identify as a minimum value € 600 net monthly. Below this threshold, it will not be easy to access the credit .

Payroll financing, in-depth analysis

Image result for in depth analysisBad payer loans with paychecks

Again you can get the desired loan easily and conveniently. In fact, if an employee hired with a permanent contract, we offer a loan by assignment of the fifth and / or delegated payment.

Can a hypothetical loan of at least € 20000 be granted to a person with permanent employment?
It is not very easy, especially if the subject in question is young. First of all, the current occupation of the person will be evaluated, how long he has worked, what income he receives, then he assesses whether personal loans have already been incurred, what amount, with what installments.

Also important is the punctuality in paying the installments, or if there have been foreclosures and / or delays in payments etc. When these methods are present, for a young person, the presence of a person as a guarantor (a parent) will still be required.

If an employee makes a request for a large loan, without ever having made other loans?

When loans have never been requested, it is difficult to obtain one. It is as if a person did not have a history as a payer, so it could be considered as not really trustworthy, so the funding body could not issue a loan with a high sum.

If an employee makes a loan request with a foreclosure situation?

The best solution is a loan by assignment of the fifth salary, as it is a guaranteed loan with the repayment of the maximum 20% of the payroll and the TFR set aside from the time of the request and in the future.

Flavio, one of our customers in Milan, wrote to us: “… are findomestic loans with paychecks ?”. The answer is yes, always through personal loan with pay check , transfer of the fifth, delegation of payment or loan.

Loans to bad payers with permanent contracts

In these cases, in the presence of reports for late payment reported in the database as Crif, there are 3 solutions:

  • assignment of the fifth (for employees and pensioners)
  • delegation of payment (for employees)
  • loan changed (only for employees of private companies)