An online payday loan can be the outlet for various issues. Whether it’s for traveling, undertaking, clearing the name or any other reason, an extra buck can help balance your finances and give you quiet nights sleep.

That is exactly what our goal here at Providers is: to offer you extra money to solve your financial issues in the short term. To do this in a responsible manner, we review all loan applications made on our site. This ensures that we will offer the best option according to the profile of each person.

But how can you see the status of your loan application online? What happens when the application is approved? And if it is not? Keep reading with us and find out!

The process of analysis of Payday loa

The process of analysis of Payday loa


Providers offers you fast loans online where you can choose the amount you want and the payment term that best suits your needs. To ask for yours, just be over 18, have an income, be with your CPF active, have an account at a bank, an email and give a phone number.

After ordering from our site, our system automatically evaluates your profile considering a few points. One of them is your credit score, which is the score that represents your financial reputation. It is calculated from your history as a debtor, evaluating factors such as payment of current accounts and number of debts you already have in your name.

In addition, other variables are taken into account and you earn or lose points based on your completed and queried information. So the more data you give, the better for you!

Checking the status of my request

After completing the form, the response comes in a matter of minutes on the site itself, and you will also receive an informed email one of three options: “approved”, “refused” or “for verification.”

To know the status of your loan application, you have 3 options:

  • Check your email, as we notify all users of the automatic response of your request;
  • Log in to the payday area of ​​our site (you can access by clicking here), log in with your data and check the status of your loan requests;
  • Call our service for free by calling 0800 717 7728 or send an email to customer and ask one of our attendants the status of your request.

If your application has been approved, the money falls within a matter of hours in the account informed in the register. Remembering that it must be in your name!

If the request has been declined, there are some tips you can follow to try to improve your score and make a new request.

But what if the answer is “for verification”? You will receive a call soon from a providers attendant to confirm some data and after verification, you will have the final answer.

The process of requesting a loan with Providers is very simple, fast and is done all over the internet to make your life easier. Do your simulation and see right now how you can have quick cash in your account without guarantor or any type of paperwork!